stuff for your hands.

A good instrument sparks inspiration every time you touch it. I strive to coax that inspiration into unique new forms through tactile, intuitive, and practical designs.

MIDIchamp DrumStik 3D

The MIDIchamp DrumStik 3D is a USB MIDI instrument. It uses a professional-grade Sanwa JLF arcade stick as a performance, writing, and inspirational tool for MIDI-based music.

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CeeVolt is your personal, portable bridge between digital flexibility and analog richness. Pair with your iOS device and unlock a world of midi controllers and sequencers, now available for use with your Eurorack modular system.

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NiteVipr Mach2

From the next evolution in joystick-based rhythm sequencing technology comes the NiteVipr Mach2, a self-contained sample-based drum machine based around the ultra-accessible and fast live pattern performance scheme first pioneered with the MIDIchamp DrumStik 3D.

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