drum machine.

NiteVipr Mach2

Prototype Arcade Stick Drum Sampler and Sequencer

From the next evolution in joystick-based rhythm sequencing technology comes the NiteVipr Mach2, a self-contained sample-based drum machine based around the ultra-accessible and fast live pattern performance scheme first pioneered with the MIDIchamp DrumStik 3D. Save and load samples, sequences, and presets from your microSD card, manipulate using on-board effects, and perform and sequence with tactile high-quality arcade parts in ways never previously possible in a drum machine. No longer in active development.

  • Platform: Teensy 4.0 32-bit microcontroller
  • Libraries: Teensy, Arduino
  • Language: C++
  • Skills: Real-time audio interrupts, recording and playing back sequenced data, internal clock, switches and debounce
  • Homepage: [coming soon]