stuff about me.

My name is Rob Duffy! I'm a software engineer and embedded systems hobbyist with a background in professional music production and audio engineering. I've been hooked on programming ever since the completion of my first custom MIDI controller, eventually inspiring me to pursue my bachelor's degree in computer science. My detail-oriented approach, refined creative problem-solving skills, and ability to integrate myself into any team have defined my work and professional reputation thus far. I am ecstatic to be jumping head-first into to the world of software development and I'd love to help bring your vision to life!


* C, C++, Java, Python, Bash
* git, linux, databases, shell scripting
* Azure, AWS, Postman
* REST, CI/CD pipelines, integration and unit testing
* STM32, Teensy, Arduino
* BLE, DAC, DMA, GPIO, MIDI, UART, sensors, buttons, encoders, potentiometers
* logic analyzers, soldering, electronics, industrial design

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